Roof Maintenance and Why It’s Important

Your roof is an asset – a strong protective cover that ensures your safety at home. And more often than not, we tend to forget about it. If you think about it, the roof is the one part of your house that takes a good beating. It’s constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions – heat, rain and wind, and this important structure can weaken over time when not maintained.

Roof Cleaning

Because it’s easy to overlook, your roof can get damaged over time. Your roof tiles can become discoloured from dirt and mould. Roofs are also prone to the growth of a certain algae that form unattractive black and green stains. This algae spreads and can be difficult to get rid of, essentially trapping and absorbing heat, making your roof weak and brittle in the long run. If you have solar panels on your roof, they might not be maximised if they’re covered in dirt and stained.

It’s best to contact a roof cleaning service to assess and clean your roof at least twice a year. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can clean your roof through high pressure washing, using the right cleaning agents to preserve your roof’s original colour, and remove any dirt, mould or algae buildup. We can also help protect your roof by applying a protective sealing that also makes your roof look bright and visually appealing.

Roof Painting

Roofs can look neglected and faded over the years, detracting from the appearance of your house. Faded roof tiles also indicate decay. As the protective layer of paint is faded, the roof tiles can develop cracks and absorb water, which lead to eventual leaks. Faded tiles also can’t reflect the sun’s rays, absorbing more heat. This makes your house feel warmer, which consequently increases your energy consumption.

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists’ roof painting service can help protect your house or building by using Nutech paints. These paints not only enhance the appearance of your property, but they also extend the life of your tiles and reduce your energy costs as well.

Gutter Cleaning

Another way to ensure the integrity of your roof is by paying the same attention to your gutters. Gutters control the flow of water away from your house during rains and storms, but they can also get clogged with leaves, dirt and debris. In the event of heavy rains, your gutter might not be able to direct water into the sewer. Instead, it can trap rainwater which can get considerably heavy and compromise your homes’s structure. Water can enter your house through windows and doors if your gutter is no longer working.

During the drier months, your gutter can be a safety hazard. Twigs, leaves, and sticks that collect in your gutter can catch fire, especially if you live in areas prone to bushfires. Flying embers that reach your roof and your congested gutter can effectively endanger your home.

To ensure that your house is safe from different potential dangers no matter the season, reach out to professionals for a thorough gutter cleaning. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists make sure your gutters are clean, free from debris, and your downpipes clean as a whistle.

Your roof keeps your family safe and protected at all times, so it’s only right that you take care of your roof as best as you can. We at Outdoor Cleaning Specialists have the right tools and experience to get your roof and gutter clean. Apart from high pressure washing, roof painting and sealing, and downpipe cleaning and de-clogging, we can also assess your roof and gutters to recommend solutions for repair.

Keep your house beautiful and in good working order. Contact Outdoor Cleaning Specialists for a FREE quote today.