High pressure cleaning on pavers, before and afterWhether it’s dirt, grime or mould, the outside of your house is under constant attack.

Not only can these contaminants negatively affect the appearance of your property, they can also present a number of safety hazards such as a slippery driveway, path or courtyard.

High pressure cleaning from Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can solve the problem!

Whether it’s your walls, driveway, paths, paving, tiles, roof, courtyard, pergola, balcony or tennis court, our modern high pressure cleaning equipment will have your home looking like new in no time.

High pressure cleaning (or pressure washing) is a fast and cost effective way to enhance the look of your home, reduce maintenance costs and minimise slipping hazards.

When done regularly, high pressure cleaning can also save you money in the long run by preventing dirt and mould from damaging your outdoor surfaces and therefore maximising their life.