Maybe this is an industry thing, but we absolutely love our cleaning equipment!

We use the latest equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure the best possible results for your home, commercial building, strata property or public facility.

From high pressure cleaning equipment and advanced ride-on floor scrubbers to environmentally friendly and non-hazardous cleaning products, we believe that without investing in the right equipment, the job simply doesn’t get done properly.

Our high pressure cleaning equipment features an independent boiler that minimises the need for harsh chemicals. Rated at 130 degrees Celsius, this feature is perfect for the removal of grease and oil stains on driveways and car parks.

Our pressure cleaning guns also feature turbo tips with greater psi for maximum cleaning ability, as well as extendable lances for harder to reach areas.

Additionally, our ride-on floor scrubbers feature robust scrubbing pads for removing stubborn dirt and grime, direct injection chemical applicators for maximum degreasing, and a squeegee vacuum system to leave surfaces completely clean and dry. They also come with a 200 litre container to ensure all waste water is removed.