Whether it’s pedestrians or vehicles, high traffic areas need regular, professional cleaning.

And while offering a quick fix, a hose or a mop and bucket simply don’t cut it in the long run!

At Outdoor Cleaning Specialists, we offer professional strata floor cleaning services to help keep your strata property looking clean and well maintained.

Our state-of-the-art ride-on floor scrubbers feature robust scrubbing pads for removing stubborn dirt and grime, direct injection chemical applicators for maximum degreasing, and a squeegee vacuum system to leave surfaces completely clean and dry.

They also feature a 200 litre container to ensure all waste water is removed, plus we only use environmentally friendly chemicals.

Chewing gum removal

When chewing gum is discarded, it attaches itself to the masonry, timber and metal surfaces of your premises. Then as it dries, it attracts dirt and debris leaving behind dark stained patches. Yuck!

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can remove chewing gum and its stubborn residues without damage to the underlying materials.