Is It Time for Strata Cleaning?

Health and safety are a top priority nowadays as the threat of infections is all around us. To eliminate the worry of getting infected, one thing we can do is keep our surroundings and outdoor surfaces clean. For people living in strata properties looking for cleaning services in Sydney, now is the perfect time to utilise our strata cleaning services. 

After months of limited use or foot traffic, your strata may be looking disheveled and worn down. Removing debris, dirt, grime and mould that may have accumulated on your outdoor surfaces by yourself just doesn’t have the same results as when professionals clean them. That’s because we use powerful cleaning tools and solutions for specific surfaces. 

Strata cleaning in Sydney involves cleaning all outdoor common spaces and open areas. This service also includes pressure washing all external surfaces such as walls, gates, fences, eaves, fascia boards, windows, driveways, pathways, bin areas, balconies, and more. For us at Outdoor Cleaning Specialists, there are no outdoor surface areas that aren’t within reach. From floor to roof, we are able to safely and securely access each area to give them a focused and thorough cleaning. 

Depending on the surface, we can adjust water pressure to preserve their integrity. We also use non-abrasive washing techniques to avoid damaging surfaces. Our specialized cleaning solutions, soft brushes and adjustable water pressure are key in maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your strata. 

Regular building maintenance is the secret to extending the life, quality, and integrity of your exterior surfaces. Take the time to look at your property and assess what needs professional attention. Do the walls need to be washed and buffed? Do the timber and sandstone need sealing? Does your roof need to be cleared and painted? Is the car park dustier than usual? If the answers are mostly yes, you are due for strata cleaning. 

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists is your best bet for reliable strata cleaning services in Sydney. We have extensive experience cleaning strata properties of all sizes across Sydney, and we use the latest equipment, techniques, and environment-friendly cleaning products. We’re a Strata Community Australia Corporate Member, and we comply with OH&S guidelines so you’re assured that we can clean your property the way it’s meant to be cleaned. 

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists offers a wide range of strata cleaning services – from high pressure cleaning, window cleaning, timber and sandstone cleaning, roof painting to hard surface sealinggraffiti removal and even chemical fogging 

Contact us today to know what else we offer to help keep your strata perfectly clean for your peace of mind.