Removing the Mould on your Strata Property’s Exterior

There’s nothing more insidious than mould growing on the surfaces of strata properties. Without you noticing it, mould has spread across corners, floors and walls, colouring the surfaces with an unsightly black and green that can be difficult to remove. It can also be a health hazard that will require immediate strata cleaning services.

What is mould?

Mould is a fungi that forms in areas constantly affected by moisture. These areas usually don’t receive enough ventilation or sunlight and are therefore damp – the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Mould grows at a subtle rate, and before you know it, your property is overrun by large stains and streaks across your property, and you’ll need strata cleaning services immediately.

Is mould dangerous?

Apart from making your strata property look drab and dirty, mould is potentially dangerous to people and pets living in your property. As it grows and spreads across these damp surfaces, it cultivates spores that spread through the air, making it easily ingestible to surrounding people. This can lead to respiratory problems and allergies than can weaken immune systems over time. Mould, such as toxic black mould, is linked to poor air quality in stratas and sometime give off an unpleasant odour if left unattended for long periods.

Mould is also a health hazard that can cause asthma, body aches, exhaustion and rashes to people unwittingly inhaling spores. The residents could also experience extreme health problems such as hair loss, hallucinations, and sleep deprivation, especially if the mould is found inside the building. Reports over the years have indicated that multiple people in Australia are slowly being poisoned by toxic mould poisoning in their homes.

What should I do with mould growing in my strata?

There are a handful of things you should do to regularly check if there is mould forming on your strata property, or before you call for strata cleaning services.

  1. Check indoor and outdoor areas that are regularly exposed to moisture
    Whether it’s the bathroom, or a part of your garage or balcony that is most likely to be damp because of lack of ventilation or sunlight, make sure that there are no mould stains that are forming. If you find any small mould stains, use the right materials such as chlorine bleach, stiff-bristled brushes, and protective gear to scrub it away.
  2. Dry wet areas
    Take the time to wipe or mop areas exposed to humidity and moisture. Open the windows or bring in a fan to help air circulate the area.
  3. Use anti-microbial products
    When cleaning your house, use anti-microbial sprays, soap or paint to prevent spores settling down on your strata surfaces.
  4. Get a dehumidifier
    Consider getting a dehumidifier to reduce and control the moisture level in your rooms. Dehumidifiers can also eliminate mould, mildew and dust mites that usually thrive in humid environments.
  5. Fix pipe leaks
    Most moisture problems inside the home are caused by leaking pipes, or areas where water flows like faucets, showers, even roofs. Inspect these sources and repair immediately when needed.

Strata cleaning services for your property

But what about mould growing in outdoor areas? Mould can be stubborn to remove, and in some cases, you’ll need professional strata cleaning services. This is where our expert team at Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can address your needs and make a difference.

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists offers a wide range of cleaning services that clean dirt, debris, grime and especially mould off of your strata surfaces. We can help maintain your complex’s exterior looking fresh and well presented.

Our strata cleaning services involves cleaning all external areas of your strata property, including walls, windows, balconies, roofs, fascia boards, gutters, driveways, pathways, bin areas and more.

We safely use non-abrasive products and washing techniques to protect any surface. These products and techniques include special cleaning solutions, super soft brushes and low and high pressure water.

Here at Outdoor Cleaning Specialists, our strata cleaning services aim to help you maintain the quality and integrity of your exterior surfaces and outdoor areas. We help maintain your strata’s cleanliness to extend its life, to ultimately serve you and your residents better. We consider all your cleaning needs as well as the surrounding environment in providing our strata cleaning services, whether it’s in a busy city, or a coastal area where corrosive airborne salt deposits are present, we give you the services that protect your building and help save you significant amounts of money.

Our strata cleaning services include:

  • High pressure cleaning
  • Building exterior cleaning
  • Timber and sandstone
  • Roof and gutter cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Car park cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Roof painting

When was the last time you had you got rid of the mould on your strata exterior? Contact Outdoor Cleaning Specialists or call us at 1300 870 626 to book a full strata cleaning service today.