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Hard Surface Sealing

Surface sealing is a great way to give your hard surfaces a fresh new look. Sealing will dramatically improve appearance by adding lustre and richness, protect the surface from weather dirt, salt, moss and grease. It will also make the surface much easier to wash and clean, and enhance and revitalize its colour. Surface sealers can be a natural finish, clear or coloured. The surface type and condition will determine which is best suited. All surface types can be sealed including sandstone, pavers, concrete, pattern stamp, stencilcrete or tiles. If the surface is in good condition a natural finish sealer can both highlight and protect the surface. Where the surface displays blemishes and is fading, a colour sealer can revitalise its look. At Outdoor Cleaning Specialists we only use the highest quality sealer’s available on the market, with a diverse range of colours. Surface Sealing Our highly trained staff ensure that the surface is cleaned and prepared ready for the sealing process, as well as determining the right sealer for the surface which is vital to a long lasting application. A minimum of two coats is recommended however the amount of coatings can be up to four depending on the surface and type of sealer.

 Surface Sealing

We use only the best sealers

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists only use the below brands of sealers. There are many sealers on the market and many of them do not deliver what they claim to. Correct application is also paramount to a successful seal and ensuring that it lasts for as long as it can. The problem with stone is it is a big hard sponge and passes liquids through itself via capillary action, just like a sponge. Due to both stone and sponges having high surface energy, sealing should prevent this.

Common causes of stains:

Oil, food, tannins, animals, drinks, water, mud, cement and graffiti.

Surface Sealing



Common contaminants and damaging effects:

Moss and mould, efflorescence and rust, salt, picture framing, freeze thaw and spalding.

DuPont Sealing & Nutech Pavecoat


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