Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your strata property is of upmost importance. To do this, you need a reliable and professional outdoor strata cleaning company.

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can help.

We offer comprehensive strata cleaning services that remove dirt, grime, mould and debris to keep your complex looking fresh and well presented.

Our service entails cleaning all the external areas of your strata property, including building exteriors, eaves, fascia boards, windows, roofs, gutters, driveways, pathways, bin areas, balconies and more.

Importantly, we use a soft, non-abrasive washing technique to ensure there’s no damage to any surfaces. This involves a specialised cleaning solution, super soft brushes and low-pressure water.

Regular building washing also helps maintain the quality and integrity of exterior surfaces, helping to extend their life. This is particularly crucial in coastal areas, where the damaging effects of corrosive airborne salt deposits can cost you significant amounts of money.

Why use Outdoor Cleaning Specialists for your strata property?

  • We have extensive experience cleaning strata properties of all sizes throughout Sydney

  • We use the latest equipment and techniques for outstanding results

  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products

  • We’re fully insured and covered for public liability and workers compensation

  • We comply with the relevant OH&S guidelines

  • We’re a Strata Community Australia Corporate Member

Our strata cleaning services include: