sandstone cleaning before and after.

Are your exterior timber surfaces faded or cracked?

Is the sandstone around your home dirty or slippery?

Never fear – Outdoor Cleaning Specialists can help!

Our professional timber and sandstone cleaning services rejuvenate and extend the life of the timber and sandstone surfaces around your home.

Sandstone cleaning

Sandstone is a fantastic feature of any property, however the porous nature of sandstone means that over time, dirt and

We apply the most appropriate sandstone cleaning method depending on surface finish, volume of traffic and degree of staining/algae growth where mould can set in. This not only results in a dull, grey appearance, it can also make sandstone paths and pavers a slip hazard for you, your family and visitors.

At Outdoor Cleaning Specialists, we can restore your sandstone to its original lustre and colour.

Exterior timber cleaning

We can also clean and protect all types of exterior timber around your property, including fences, retaining walls, decks, furniture, and more.

Timber left exposed to the elements can crack and warp within the first year if not properly protected. Sun and rain may discolour the timber’s surface and in the longer term, allow attack by destructive fungal decay (wood decay fungi) commonly known as ‘dry rot’.

That’s why regular maintenance and sealing will extend the life of all your timber. Our soft pressure timber cleaning service removes dirt, grease and other contaminants, preparing the ideal surface for you to paint, oil or seal to protect your timber.

OCS Exterior Timber Cleaning Services