Gutter cleaning is an essential service when it comes to maintaining your home. Our team at Outdoor Cleaning Specialists are all trained & ticketed for working at heights but we are always after ways to minimise risk – Introducing the Gutter Master 2050, it allows our technicians to work safely on the ground, reaching up to 4 storeys; it has a built in camera to ensure all debris is removed resulting in the perfect gutters.

The Gutter Master 2050 is our latest generation of Gutter cleaning Systems designed for the gutter cleaning professional. It is designed to deal with  whatever debris you find in roof gutter channels at residential, commercial and industrial sites .

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists Pty Ltd has teamed up with our friends across the ditch to bring you an amazing New Zealand made product. Gutter Whiskers Stop debris like leaves, branches and birds from blocking up gutters. The bristles allow the water to flow through the gutters and the leaves will flow over the top. Easy to remove and be hosed off annually. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists now offer a gutter cleaning & installation service across Sydney or if you would like to install your self, call our office today to arrange a delivery.