Public Sanitising/Disinfecting – The Rocks, Sydney

COVID-19 Cleaning By Outdoor Cleaning Specialists Pty Ltd – Sanitising & Disinfecting.

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists has been providing exterior cleaning services throughout the Sydney Metro region for 15+ years.

With the outbreak of the global pandemic that is COVID-19; cleaning, disinfecting & sanitising is more important than ever!

We have a unique product & technique that is used for the treatment & prevention for the Human Coronavirus.

Cleaning is an essential part of disinfection noting the length of time that SARS-COV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) survives on inanimate surfaces will vary depending on several factors.

It is good practice to routinely clean surfaces as follows:

  • Clean frequently touched surfaces with detergent solutions.
  • Clean general surfaces and fittings.
  • Regularly wash & use hand sanitizer

You cannot guarantee all items will be disinfected/sanitized if cleaning by hand, especially when not carried out by a professional.

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists has indoor & outdoor chemical foggers, our broad spectrum mister dispenses a heavy duty cleaner, sanitiser and hospital grade disinfectant, our process ensures the removal of odours, break down of surface contaminates and most importantly disinfects/sanitise high use areas.

This technique is suitable for any internal or external area, whether it be a small residential property or a large commercial property.

We are also fully equipped to complete large scale outdoor sanitation fogging – eg. Public transport, sporting stadiums, playgrounds & public amenities.

  • Disinfects all surfaces
  • Non-toxic/eco friendly
  • Safe for family & pets
  • Tailored for Commercial & Residential
  • Kills viruses, pathogens, bacteria & odour
  • Residents can re-enter 10 minutes after application

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists technicians follow all guidelines provided by the Department of Health.

– Outdoor Cleaning Specialists P/L

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