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Commercial Pressure Cleaning

At Outdoor Cleaning Specialists, we use a combination of hot and cold high pressure cleaning to remove stubborn stains from hard surfaces, and reveal an appearance that’s like new again to businesses and facilities across the Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Districts, Sydney CBD, Inner West and Hills District.

Why high pressure cleaning?

Commercial high pressure cleaning prevents your external areas from deteriorating by removing dirt and contaminants, improves safety by eliminating slippery surfaces and instantly improves the appearance and presentation of your facility. Using hot water up to 130 degrees Celsius, it also effectively sanitises the area without the use of harsh chemicals. Our clients use our pressure commercial cleaning services to bring back and maintain that ‘brand new glow’ that their facility had when it was originally bought or built. Compared to redecorating or renovating exterior areas, high pressure cleaning is much more affordable on every level and much faster. We use the latest in high pressure cleaning technology, which combined with our highly trained staff will deliver the best result for your facility. When done regularly, high pressure cleaning (and building cleaning) will save you money by keeping dirt and mould at bay, preventing potentially costly damage to your outdoor surfaces. It also eliminates slippery surfaces which can be extremely dangerous for your clients/visitors.

High Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists has many years of experience cleaning large concrete areas such as car parks and warehouse floors. A clean car park is a good indication of a well maintained facility, and can lift its overall appearance significantly. With a combination of hot water high pressure and degreasers, our system is both fast and effective. Our degreaser is non-hazardous and uses ‘quickbreak’ technology to offer an environmentally friendly way to keep your car park clean. We have tried and tested many products and have come up with methods that will provide your car park with a near new look which is sure to impress your customers and visitors. Our highly trained staff have cleaned countless car parks from a single car drive way to hundreds of spaces in a multi-storey commercial car park.

High Pressure Cleaning

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our goal is to give you more than just a service. We want it to be an experience. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists will always go the extra mile to provide the best results for you. From our highly trained and friendly service teams, to our state of the art cleaning methods and equipment. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists is independently owned and operated and services the local Northern Beaches, North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Northern Districts, Sydney CBD, Inner West and Hills District areas. We are fast and reliable – from receiving a quote to having the job completed in a professional and efficient time frame. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists staff are punctual, we never subcontract and we are competitive on pricing. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists want to exceed your expectations of a cleaning company and are confident you will be impressed!