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Accreditations, Licenses and Certifications:

Company License (Licensed contractor) Licence No. 254584C

Outdoor Cleaning Specialists are a licensed company which enables our team to carry out all of the services we provide. It is an initiative formulated by the Department of Fair Trading that authorises a company or business to provide services in the areas of minor trade and construction. Strata Community Australia Corporation member Strata Community Australia represents over 2,500 companies and individuals. “We bring people together who manage strata schemes, live in strata communities and provide services for them”. Benefits for our clients:

  • Professional recognition and networking
  • Access to the latest news and changes to industry
  • Accredited company providing peace of mind for our customers
  • Best practice resources
  • Professional development

Our membership with Strata Community Australia grants easy access for our strata clients in obtaining all of Outdoor Cleaning Specialists exterior cleaning services. Strata Community Australia Logo

Trades Monitor (accredited contractor and safety accredited contractor) & Cm3 accredited

Trades Monitor specialise in contractor management and contractor accreditations. To meet these standards, a business or company needs to meet certain criteria and to maintain and refresh all areas of requirement. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists is an accredited contractor and safety accredited contractor by these standards and Trades Monitor have been involved in these processes for over 40 years. CM3 is Australia’s leading online contractor OHS/WHS pre qualification system. CM3 addresses the need for both contractors and the organisations they conduct work for to demonstrate contractor health and safety management capabilities, along with providing assistance for organisations to better manage their contractors around health and safety requirements.   cm3


Outdoor Cleaning Specialists are committed to the safety of our team members and our client’s whilst on the job. We are OHS certified and exercise the knowledge and employ the systems gained through obtaining this certification.

White Cards (construction induction card).

The ‘White’ card is a Work Cover initiative for maintaining safety for personnel on a construction site. It is in place to ensure that anyone who enters meets the requirements of National WHS construction induction training. All Outdoor Cleaning Specialists staff have successfully completed the training.

Yellow Cards

A Yellow card is the certificate required for the duty of care in operating a EWP (elevated work platform) and a scissor lift up to 11m. By holding this accreditation, it enables all of our staff to safely and lawfully operate this equipment thus increasing the type of work we can carry out and adding to our staff’s diversity and skill set.

Heights Safety

The working safely at heights initiative provides training in areas that require working at heights. The certificate provides skills in:

  • Identify the relevant legislation and OH&S relating to working at heights
  • Perform a basic task and site-specific risk assessment associated with working at heights
  • Inspect and maintain personal fall protection equipment and systems
  • Safely shift and handle associated tools and materials
  • Effectively and safely rescue a suspended worker (additional element)