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Our Pressure Cleaning Service

The procedure of high pressure cleaning or pressure cleaning is to remove stubborn stains from hard surfaces. These stains may consist of mould, grime, oil or mildew. It’s also used to remove paint, gums, glues and other various substances foreign to the original surface. The use of the rotor scrubber in pressure cleaning was designed to cover larger surface areas such as car parks, common areas, driveways or factory floors. It is both systematic and highly effective. There are also various attachments for a pressure cleaning gun. These range from turbo tips for greater psi to brick cleaning tips ideal for graffiti removal and in combination with acid washing. There are also extendable lances for harder to reach areas such high walls. Outdoor Cleaning Specialists¬†utilise all this equipment to ensure that we can undertake any pressure cleaning job. ¬† IMG_0157