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Our Equipment

Utilising the latest in pressure cleaning equipment technologies allows Outdoor Cleaning Specialists to offer the best result possible. Our pressure cleaning equipment with the addition of an independent boiler can deliver fast and effective results, greatly reducing the need for harsher chemicals. It is rated at 130 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for the removal of grease and oil stains. Our pressure cleaners are a marriage of Japanese and Italian componentry, and are engineered to work for extended periods allowing Outdoor Cleaning Specialists to tackle large scale jobs with ease and in a timely manner. Vehicles collage With harder access  pressure cleaning jobs like car parks or a distant unit block courtyard we are fitted out with 100m of braided line. This allows Outdoor Cleaning Specialists to reach most areas with minimal fuss. If you have an area that is in need of some pressure cleaning, please contact one of our highly trained staff for an obligation free quote.